Poznej sebe sama
Párová terapie, mediace,
individuální poradenství a psycho-spirituální doprovázení (psychoterapie)

I offer

Relationship Therapy

Relationship therapy, which I learned from Jan Knop and Marie Zemanova focuses, above all, on the relationship between the two people. I try to create a space in which it is possible to hear and understand each other. I ask lots of questions (openly and sensitively) which are not only designed to make the situation clearer, but also to encourage the couple to find a new view of the problem and of the relationship itself. In this way, raw emotions can be softened and it is possible to talk about how the relationship works, how to revive and nurture it; and on the other hand to find out what the relationship lacks, what can be added to it, and under which conditions and circumstances we can help it. I also pay attention to the feelings, needs, and limits of both sides as individuals. In this way, I try to side with both partners. Sometimes we discover that neither of them are able to (or want to) continue as a pair; although these situations are also possible to work on and even reconcile.

Facilitative Mediation

Facilitative Mediation, which I mainly learned with Tatjana Siskova and Helena Stohrova, is one of the ways we reconcile disagreements. This is a method of moderating a conversation between the conflicting couple, that enables the two arguing sides to finally be able to hear, understand and find solutions for themselves.
As a mediator, I look after and guide the path of the conversation and in this way, I help people for whom it is difficult to resolve conflicts without help, to come up with their own solution to their own situation which is beneficial to both sides and reflects their needs and possibilities. While mediating I am neutral, I don’t evaluate or give advice, I don’t make judgments or decisions.
Mediation meetings take at least three hours, and the majority require at least three of these three-hour sessions.
During the mediation, we go through different phases, in which both sides gradually present their view of the situation by speaking exclusively with the mediator, who then rephrases (or translates) for the other side. The next phase is where both sides speak to each other until we come to the phase where we collect ideas and solutions to the problem and write down an agreement.
Through mediation, we can solve disagreements and conflicts in personal and business partnerships, marriages, in the process of divorce, in the workplace, at church, or in special interest groups or between neighbours.

Individuální poradenství a psycho-spirituální doprovázení (psychoterapie)

V individuálním strukturovaném rozhovoru pozorně a bez toho, aniž bych soudil a posuzoval, naslouchám, což může otevírat prostor důvěry, v němž se dá na sobě dobře pracovat. Často se doptávám a někdy nabízím i příběhy, přirovnání, drobné experimenty a cvičení, díky nimž se lze lépe orientovat v osobní situaci, získávat širší pohled a objevovat další možnosti a zdroje při řešení životních obtížích. V rámci bezpečného, důvěrného ale ohraničeného (jasně definovaného) terapeutického vztahu je možné hledat zdroje a možnosti které napomohou vyrovnat se s konflikty, ztrátami i tělesnými, vztahovými, duševními i duchovními obtížemi. Nabízím provázení při hledání smyslu života při posilování sebedůvěry, důvěry i víry.

Psychoterapii chápu v širším – tedy nejen v medicínském smyslu slova – jako práci na upravování psychických (duševních) procesů tak, aby člověk mohl lépe poznat sám sebe a aby nalezl optimálnější, pro něj výhodnější polohu života.


Supervision of professionals who work with other people is a way of leading a conversation, which allows the supervised professionals (whether individually, in teams, or within their organisations) to reflect on the work they have done with their clients. Through supervision, we reflect on our professional relationships, our meetings and sessions with the ones we take care of, and even the framework and structure of our own jobs. Supervision allows us to look at our professional relationships from a different, and often new perspective and enables us to find new sources of information and ideas which can improve and make these relationships more effective (which in turn helps our clients).
Supervision is about a conversation between two specialists who are at the same level, where I – the supervisor – am responsible for guiding this dialogue and setting the boundaries which lead our journey to its ultimate goal – to the fulfillment of the requirements of the supervisee. Supervision is a humble journey towards personal, professional maturity.
With supervision it is important to allow dialogue in a safe, trusting, and loving environment and to uncover the philosophies and working methods that we use. In this way, we have a deeper awareness of our professional opinions, hypotheses, unspoken internal expectations, and counter-transferences, which come as part of our work and influence it. It is possible to become aware of what makes us unsure, what bothers us (or even makes us angry), what we are afraid of, what makes us tired or bored during work with our clients. It is, of course, profitable to talk about what has succeeded, brought happiness and energised us, and where we find our resources. In this way, supervision becomes a specific way of learning.
During supervision I thoroughly clear up the “contract” between us, I ask questions and choose various, often playful, methods to make reflection easier. I also try to widen perspectives and explore areas to which the supervisee may not have given much (if any) consideration. And, last but not least, I lighten the mood with humour.
I offer group or individual supervision. I have passed a training course for Internal Supervisors at the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren, which was led by supervisors from CIS (The Czech Institute of Supervision). I now attend the CIS programme myself, and I soon will be a member of CIS. While working, I follow the ethical guidelines of CIS and EASK (the European Association of Supervision and Coaching).